Wavesailing can be the most exciting part of windsurfing and when it all lines up on a magical day you'll never forget those sensations. In the first of a new series from Kevin Pritchard here's some quick tips to get you going on the ride of your life.

Safety First!
If in doubt, don’t go out. Waves can be powerful and unforgiving and there's no shame in picking a mellower day to save you and gear from danger and to speed up your learning curve.

Of course side or side-off winds are the ideal, but fun can be had on modern gear in pretty onshore setups too. The rules are the same though. Spend at least 10 mins watching for sneaker sets, rocks, rips and hazards before heading out. Most windsurfers are pretty friendly too and locals are usually happy to explain the dangers of their local break. Try to always sail with friends and always let someone know where you'll be and when you intend to be finished.