freestyle windsurfing basics
twist and slide - the vulcan and flaka

'For every action there's an equal and opposite reaction.' The 3rd Law of Newtonian physics will now play to our advantage during our endeavours to further defy gravity and step boldly into the world of freestyle windsurfing.

Everyone who dreams of doing a Vulcan knows the theory, but the real secret lies in the details. In the last chapter I told you how to start popping your board, to get you hoppin' around your home spot like a bunny on crystal meth. Now it's time to add a little more spice to the mix and get your freestyle game on-point. As I always said, the very first steps are always the hardest, since you pretty much have no clue of what's actually happening. Righteously, everyone tries, in his own way, to achieve the goal they strive for, but sometimes a few key tips can make a huge difference.
Sage Wisdom: Mattia Pedrani
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