pro slalom secrets

PWA Racer Kurosh Kiani (DEN-13) examines some potentially vital accessories to help tweak some extra knots and inject new confidence into your Slalom performance.

Maybe, if you've followed this series from the start, you’ve now become a regular racer? You compete against your friends and attend at events where you kick ass with all of the knowledge that you have picked-up in the last couple of months. But, wait a minute, is there something extra you can do to boost you performance and give yourself that final edge as you rock up to the next race?

Start watch
This device is pretty much mandatory if you are going to be racing on a regular basis. Using your wrist watch works to some extent, but getting a proper start watch is going to make it so much easier for you to get off the line in pole position. Now, if you take a look at the pro guys, you will see different types of watches, but generally you will see that the watch is worn on the upper arm making it easier to see the countdown while sailing at full speed. Wearing a watch on your wrist might make it hard for you to keep proper track of your timing while blasting towards the line in sync with the gun.