Is a production fin actually better than a custom blade? Find out what to pick and when to use it for blasting your rivals off the water.

If you're interested in racing or going fast, here's Part III in our series of Pro Slalom Tuning Tips to help you get the most out of almost any type of gear. After last month's look at Board Choice this time PWA Racer Kurosh Kiani focuses on this often overlooked yet critical element to a full-speed setup.

Changing fins is almost like changing your board. I can assure you that fins are just as important as the rest of your gear. You can have the most amazing board and sail and still have a bad experience from using the wrong shape or size foil. If you want to battle against friends at your local spot, and have a good time out there, then cruising easily by your struggling buddies means you have to have the right blade in your board.

Nowadays most boards come with a pretty high quality standard production fin that will often do just fine. In fact, you'll often see the pro´s riding standard production fins, which might surprise you, but truly, these fins can be just as good as a handmade custom fin. You've just got to get the perfect match for the conditions and your overall gear setup.