Let's have a look at it step-by-step. Swipe or click/hold the image on the next page for a sequence slideshow...

1. Slow down by heading upwind.

2. Slide your backhand right down the boom, and your front hand nearer the mast to help you flip the rig later. Initiate the turn by moving the rig forward and slightly to the outside - like a flare gybe - whilst your body drops low and to the inside of the turning direction.

3-4 The board is turned through a combination of back foot pressure - kind of a scissors movement with your back foot behind your bum - and twisting of the rig. Lean and commit fully to the inside whilst looking out of the turn.

5-6 When you are on your new course switch your feet and step forward, with your front foot going near the mast foot.

7. Keep forward momentum and control over the rig whilst clew first before you flip it. In light winds throw the rig upright earlier or remain low for controlling the rig in stronger winds.

8. Keep looking forward as you flip the sail and you are ready to go! You can grab the mast or the boom with your new front hand - either way make sure that you throw the rig forward towards the nose before you sheet in.


- Head upwind to decrease the speed

- Get that backhand right down the boom and front hand forward

- The rig goes forward and to the outside whilst you are low and to the inside

- Switch the feet and gain control clew first before flipping rig

- Look where you want to go throughout the manoeuvre

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