Windsurfing Technique
body and sail 360

Text and Pics: Christian Goebel/FYM Productions
Rider: Lars Petersen D-99

The body and sail 360 has been around since the 80s long board days, and is still a fun and flashy move to perform.

It’s a particular test of your ability on smaller boards, where you need to move quickly and precisely. As with many of the other Old Skool moves learning this trick will not only expand your manoeuvre arsenal, but also greatly enhance your overall balance and sail control. The footwork needed is very similar to that of a tack, making it a fun and useful to help your tacking technique.

It's best is to start out on a big board in light non-planing winds. When you're ready to take it out on a smaller board in planing conditions aim not to be too powered-up and try it out in flat-water conditions or coming down a small, round wave.

Let's have a look at it step-by-step. In the next pages, you can click on the images to enlarge and see a sequence slideshow...