The Backwinded 360 is a super-smooth old-skool manoeuvre, containing fundamentals of flashier new skool tricks. It’s a great way to develop your back-winded skills to bring more advanced moves closer to reach. The basics are close to that of both basic Tacks and Helicopter Tacks, so practice of all will bring positive results!

Best learning conditions are flat water or down a smaller, fatter wave. Helpful experience: Tack. Jibe. HeliTack

If you have never tried the sailing backwinded, or similar moves such as the Heli Tack before, it’s a big advantage to get the feel of it in lightwinds on a floaty board.

Let's have a look at it step-by-step. In the next pages, you can click on the images to enlarge and see a sequence slideshow...

windsurfing technique
Backwinded 360

Text and Pics: Christian Goebel/FYM Productions
Rider: Lars Petersen D-99