grubby one-handed

By Mattia Pedrani I-00

A Grubby? In the advanced tricks breakdown section? Long time no see. This is a variation of the 'basic' Grubby created by Australian wave specialist, Greg Allaway, by accident. I saw him do the original move with my very own eyes on Maui some 8 years ago, and it reminded me of a flat-spin forward.
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Apparently that's what he was trying to do and that's what I called it before finding out that the real name of the trick was actually his nickname - Grubby. Some people called it a 'Worm-Burner'.

So how can a move that's been around for so long still be interesting and stylish? Well...just beef it up a bit of course! Here's the full-blooded one-handed version! Like always, when dealing with variations, in order to start trying them, you'll need to have regular Grubbies on-lock, especially for knowing when to shift your weight around during the rotation.