air funnell

By Mattia Pedrani I-00

Ladies and Gentlemen, let me introduce you to one the main ambassadors of the new generation of power moves: The Air Funnell.

By nature's design, things tend to evolve, get more efficient and radical, and this trick is no exception. It originates from a regular Funnell, invented by Ricardo Campello to honour the late, great Andy Funnell. It's the most complex of the sliding moves since it's switch stance and backwinded, but takes the move to a new level of technicality and awesomeness.

In order to start trying Air Funnells, or actually one-handed Air Funnells, you'll need to have regular funnells on lock - especially the sail ducking bit. Let's Go!

Mattia is sponsored by Starboard Simmer MaverX & AL360