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FreeWorldSports Video Competition Platform

Tuesday 27th March, 2012 - 11:42am

Get sailing, filming, voting and ready to compete on the newly launched Free World Sport (FWS) online sports event platform 


Free World Sport (FWS) Digital Sports Event Platform Launches Successfully

Cape Town, 27th March, 2012  

Free World Sport (FWS) is an online sports event platform for sportsmen and women from all over the world to compete and connect. Since it's launch in January it has seen over 5,300 unique users, 160,000 hits on the site and over 3,000 votes cast in it's launch competition,Windsurfing vs. Kitesurfing.

The platform launched with a kite - surfing vs. windsurfing online video contest with a prize of R10,000 which has received major kudos in the wave sailing community from both pro's, semi - pro's and your average Joes.

This is according to founder, Anton van Vuuren, who says that the feedback has been over - whelming, particularly from the participants and their individual sponsors who have said that the site has showcased both sports to the maximum. 'We have captured the essence of both sports in the best conditions in one of the top locations for kite - surfing and windsurfing in the world  Cape Town. Van Vuuren adds, 'The online video viewership has really boosted the profile of the riders and pushed them to use their social networks to promote themselves and the brands they represent.

Sponsors of the first event; North Kiteboarding, North Sails, ION, Fanatic and Ocean Spirit have seen a great return for their brands recognition being involved in the first leg and we look forward to seeing other brands getting involved in the next event,' he says. 'It's more than just another online platform, it is an online event that both viewers and participants can get involved in.’

He explains, ‘Niche extreme sports offer a kick that no other sport provides even if you aren't participating viewers use the internet and social media channels to watch extreme junkies do their thing and live vicariously through their sporting legends.’ Users upload their two and a half minute video, the most votes win which, has spurred on major sharing via other social networks like Facebook and Twitter to generate the users following.

'Most people, myself included spend most of their days hamstrung by emails and meetings, trying to forward loop their mouse while catching glimpses of the outside world through two minute online video clips. We have seen many international uploads as well as traffic from other countries and both the amateur and semi - pro sailors are getting the recognition they deserve.’ Says van Vuuren.

'We are also seeing a lot of talent from amateur film enthusiasts who are collaborating with the stars to make the videos happen.’ We need the power of millions of people participating and sharing in sport, without causing the kind of logistical impossibility of nearly 10 - million people on site viewing an actual event, this goes for all sports.’

He adds, 'The short - term goal of FWS is to grow the unique users through as many sports as possible and then move toward attracting the right sponsors to create sustainable online events.’

FWS will see the launch of a new sports event in May and a social media platform to share it on in the next coming months. For more information visit:  or on or Twitter: @freeworldsport


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